How Our Products Work


  1. Mega Light & City Light Poster The scrolling units are inbuilt with the latest Sim Card technology. In the unlikely event where any of the units suffer a malfunction, a report is sent immediately to Central Control where a Technical Unit will always be on standby to respond.                                                               Media Unit > Sim Card > Central Control > Technical Unit
  2. Barrier Free Our products have been specially designed to be barrier free to allow no obstructions for pedestrians or motorists.
  3. Ergonomic for maintenance work The ergonomic design serves the overall aesthetics of the unit and functions doubly to allow for ease of installation and maintenance.
  4. Safety and Security All our units are designed with safety in mind using only tempered glass and mild steel to deter pieces from breaking or shattering.
  5. Integrated Design with High Quality The materials themselves are of the highest quality to protect and ensure the integrity of the unit.
  6. Accident resistance of product Sophisticated chemical treatment and strengthening, our units remain easy to clean and tough to vandalize.


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