Why OOH?

Why OoH? Out-of-Home is getting a great deal of attention from marketers these days. It is seen as a media that has been constantly gaining share rapidly in both established and developing economies. Advertisers have good reason for revisiting Out-of-Home communication for the combined effects of urbanization, a number of trends have made consumers more mobile and commutes between home and workplace are longer than ever in terms of both time and distance. With TV audiences now fragmented across dozens of channels, television is not the preeminent reach vehicle it once was.

Today Out-of-Home Advertising is an important element in every advertiser’s media mix. It offers outstanding value for the money, a broad, yet targeted reach and provides great ways to increase your awareness in the market place. Whether it is combined with other media to extend your message reach or used on its own, out-of-home media will help saturate, and ultimately dominate the market place. Its presence ensures your brand will be on top of minds when consumers are ready to buy. Outdoor advertising is the message and it will always be the first mass medium to get noticed, draw attention, and sell. You can’t switch it off or change the channel. It’s the one unavoidable medium that isn’t controlled by consumers.

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