In order to execute a campaign in a timely manner, sales representatives and clients must come to an agreement on planning, duration, locations and other campaign details. If the artwork is provided by the client, they will be held responsible for designing within the strict specifications given for each unit. Guidelines for usage of our products can be downloaded here. (Insert technical specifications here)

As an added value, we offer ad design services to all of our clients. See Creative Services for a list of our offerings and feel free to view some of the Creative Guidelines which our artists follow.

The process is as such:

  1. Artwork files are designed to the appropriate specifications provided by us for each media type/size included in the campaign. Source files must be prepared with enough data to support the resolution quality of a large printing format.
  2. Each artwork file (designed for each media specification provided) is then delivered to your sales representative. Your sales representative will then coordinate the creation of your ad materials through our preferred printers.
  3. Printing your artwork is an added cost based on the amount of material which must be produced for your campaign. The cost of that service will be provided and worked out during contract negotiations with your our representative.
  4. After your ads have been printed they are then shipped from the printers to our office to execute the inventory you've contracted.
  5. We then prepare your printed ads and post them to each location specified in your contract.

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